Wines From Places You Probably have never been

I’m finishing up gathering the last two wines for my class this Tuesday (11/27/2007). The theme I have come up with is one that I have thought about for a long time. The theme is “wines from places you might not have ever been”.

No, it’s not going to be a berry wine from Hawaii or some obscure grape from a third world country. These wines are some of my favorites of all time. I’m even going to be pulling about three bottles of one wine out of my own cellar just so I can have enough to share it with everyone, since I could not find anymore around town.

We will be having a wonderful Rhone style wine that I found on a great deal with the help of another member of class. We were out and about on one of my days off and found this wine.

Another of the wines is something that I found by asking two people at the wine store (store owner and a friend that works there). I said, “If you could recommend one red wine around $20 what would it be?” They both said separately the same wine. I tried it and then bought a case for class.

More to come once I have finished picking up my last wine, which is going to be a white.

  1. 1995 and 1997 Vignobles Biresbarre Vouvray Dem-Sec (UnWined) – $19.99
  2. 1999 Marco Maci’s – Corte Barocca Salento IGT Primitivio (A. Litteri’s) $3.99
  3. 2002 Plan Pegau (Mills Wine) – $9.00
  4. 2005 Paoletti Vineyards – Piccolo Cru (Bell’s) – $19.99
  5. 2002 Rusden Grenache Christines (Wide World of Wines) – $44.99

Cheeses (Rick’s Wine and Gourmet)

  1. Varcherin (Swiss Washed Rhine) – $12.99
  2. Grafton Cheddar (Aged 2 yr) – $10.99
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4 Responses to Wines From Places You Probably have never been

  1. efc says:

    You win the Order of Lenin for your heroic effort to present a class for the working class! Loud, Stormy, Applause!

    1. The 95 reminded me of a Sauterne without the sweetness. The 97 was a simple quaffer in my estimation.
    2. The nose reminded most of the Varcherin. Well, how to I put it – STINKY as first whiff. You really can’t knock it at $3.99. I would enjoy with pizza and a simple pasta.
    3. A pepper grinder. A nice simple quaffer. Other comments can be found on my wine blog.
    4. Finally, Buffalo scores a TOUCHDOWN! Not only that, they win on a last ditch pass by JP Losman!
    5. Surprisingly jelly-like with blueberry and hints of somekind of spice that would take “House” and entire hour to figure out!

  2. efc says:

    See, that wasn’t so bad. Do it again, JOHN!

  3. A blonde says:

    Bravo! Great class, John. Especially enjoyed the ’95 Vouvray and the last two. When is your next class?

  4. Glad you enjoyed the class.

    Thanks, all for the words of encouragement.

    Hopefully I can get at least one or even two more classes in before the end of the school year.

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