Two Blondes, a Brunette, and Five Big Bodacious Reds Redux

bo·da·cious (adj.) : remarkable; outstanding.

October 2nd, bring the the return of Two Blondes, A Brunette and Five Reds presented by Lori Draheim, Carol Rentz and Jill LaPanna. Our theme for this tasting is Big
Bodacious Blends Part II. This is a continuation of Part I which was a big hit…and these wines promise to be even more bodacious! I know; I tasted them all.

The wines to be featured are red blends made up of three or more grape varietals. Needless to say extensive “research” has gone into the selection of these wines. We will start with a serious Rhone Ranger blend from Santa Cruz, then enjoy a Chateauneuf du Pape with outstanding character, next we will taste a haunting, fruit forward
blend from California followed by a bright, focused GSM from Australia, our final wine is a complex blend that will evolve beautifully once set free from the confines of the bottle!

  1. 2001 Le Cigare Volant (California) – $39.99
  2. 2003 Pierre Usseglio & Fils Chateaneuf do Pape (France) – $29.99
  3. 2004 Phantom Bogle (California) – $14.99
  4. 2003 Rosemount GSM (Australia) – $33.99
  5. 2005 Orin Swift – The Prisoner (Napa, California) – $32.99


  1. Ariana Goat Gouda – $14.99
  2. Monteboissie Morbiere – $9.99
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7 Responses to Two Blondes, a Brunette, and Five Big Bodacious Reds Redux

  1. efc says:

    1. Can we say Fidel! May Raul, not quite as harsh as his brother. Really has the aroma of a good smoke and I do know Cuban cigars! Bring it on for a relaxing evening in the cabana.

    2. The Pope drinks wine! Thank GOD! Better than sucking on a rock from the vineyard on a hot summer day because this wine is sun-baked and the essence of the Rhone.

    3. Be AFRAID! A darkness so black has fallen over the room. Almost spooky it so good. One drink and you feel so safe – oh, is the alcohol kicking in! Nice.

    4. Ah-CHU! Have I been pepper sprayed? Much better than being spayed.

    5. No orange suits. This calls for isolation with shackles. Even Hannibal deserved a straw for his chianti but we deserve a bigger glass!

  2. K says:

    While most of these wines were not to my particular liking sylistically (exception CdP), I don’t think that any of them were bad wines. The one exception may have been The Prisoner, which I felt was so overwhelmed by the alcohol that it threw the wine completely out of balance.

    Le Cigare Volant showed promise but died very quickly mid-palate, leaving several of us at the table saying, “Wait, where’d you go? You were there just a second ago!”

    The Cdp was good quality and standard for the appelation, and because of the freak vintage was ready and able to be drunk.

    I personally felt that the Phantom Bogle was a syrupy, thick, overly-sweet oakbomb, but hey…that craving for a blueberry milkshake I’d been experiencing has now been sated.

    No notes on the Rosemount GSM, found it to be typical Aussie mass-marketed swill.

    I thought the ladies did a nice job with their presentation, and gave us pertinent and interesting information regarding the wines and producers without going overboard (there have been previous presentations where the winemakers bio’s have been read directly from the handouts and in their entirety and it was just waaaay too much information.

    As usual, this was a fun time and well worth the money even though I wasn’t crazy about most of the wines.

    The cheeses were outstanding.

  3. Great job as always ladies. The wines where just as good as they were when we helped you narrow your chooses down to just five.

    Thanks again.

    Hopefully everyone in class enjoyed the extra cheese and meat I over purchased. Glad I could share with you all.


    jfc iii

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